6 Tips for Effective Emails

19 May 2023
  1. Subject Line Selection: The subject line is the first thing recipients see and often determines whether they open the email or not.
  • Avoid any spelling mistakes as it affects your reputation.
  • Choose a catchy subject line that grabs immediate attention.
  1. Body of the Message: When composing your email, adhere to two rules:
  • Adapt your tone to the relationship you have with the recipient. Mirror the emails you receive from them. Using abbreviations and emoticons may be inappropriate in certain circumstances, just as using formal language or ending with “sincerely” might seem odd in a close work relationship.
  • Structure your text for easy readability. Your email should flow smoothly, and the recipient should understand the purpose of your message. Use concise sentences, with one idea per sentence. If you expect responses to multiple questions, consider numbering or using bullet points, so your recipient can easily address each query.
  1. Design Aspect: Elements like bold text, specific fonts, an email signature with a logo, or adding colors can make your email more visually appealing and encourage the reader to respond.
  2. Selecting Recipients: A common practice is to include an excessive number of recipients in the CC or BCC fields. This can irritate those who aren’t directly involved and feel like they’re wasting their time going through endless email threads. In the era of ubiquitous email, identify the relevant recipient(s). When sending to multiple recipients, be cautious about using “reply all” and assess its appropriateness.
  3. Timing: Similar to you, your recipient may not check their work emails during weekends or late evenings. When they finally go through their inbox on Monday morning, numerous emails have accumulated, and yours can easily get lost in the pile. If you feel compelled to send an email on Saturday, hold off until late Monday morning when your recipient is fully operational at the office.
  4. Follow-up: If you don’t receive a response despite carefully crafting your email, it may be appropriate to follow up with a phone call after a reasonable amount of time, considering the urgency of your request. The recipient might be more responsive over the phone.