Carole Perez

Carole Perez
Founder of Leader en action

As a professional coach for 18 years and with a passion for human relations, Carole Perez coaches many leaders, senior executives, and entrepreneurs to take action and exceed their goals more quickly. 

She specializes in Performance Integration/ Productivity/ Time Management/ Communication/ Negotiation/ Teamwork and Leadership. Carole Perez leads her clients to transform their challenges into successes and reach their full potential. Her professional commitment is to be a lever of sustainable change for her clients, to develop their key skills, thanks to a tailor-made approach, marked by pragmatism, humor, and humanism. 

With her coaching skills coupled with her extensive experience in the business world, Carole Perez presents a unique profile that brings real added value to professionals who wish to actively work towards their success. 

Do these situations resonate with you? 

  • You would like to gain 5-10 hours in your week. 
  • You feel like you’re running several hares at once. 
  • By 5:00 p.m. you feel like you haven’t accomplished much in your day. 
  • Your agenda and priorities are dictated by others. 
  • “I’ll do it myself, it’ll be faster”: does this sentence sound familiar to you? 

Carole Perez guarantees results 

for greater professional efficiency:

Optimize your time by defining your priorities. 

→ Switch from reactive to proactive mode. 

Multiply your efficiency through delegation and better communication. 

Clarify your short- and long-term goals. 

Improve your quality of life through quality time. 

Make an appointment for a free coaching session!

I offer you a free 30-minute speed-coaching session to identify your issues and present you my coaching program to regain control of your priorities. 

During this meeting, I will ask you all the questions to make a precise diagnosis and a plan to accompany you towards success.   

Our programs

Professional productivity and personal efficiency

Increase productivity and profitability of your organization by an optimal management of yourself and of the others.

Coaching training

Propel your career success and invest in your personal power.

Mobilizing and inspiring leader

Strengthen your competitiveness by becoming a strategic thinker and a researcher of growth with high added value.

Club VIP

Turn your concerns into challenges by integrating a unique support network made up of dynamic entrepreneurs.


The 3 concrete strategies
to better manage your time

The challenge of every professional is time management and priority management. 

In this free video, Carole Perez will explain how to take back control of your schedule with 3 simple and very easily applicable strategies. 

By changing your time management, you will be surprised to see how much you can make your days more profitable. 

You will receive the free video by filling out the following form →

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