Who are we?

Leader en action is a team of expert coaches certified by Emploi Quebec, who will support you through a structured program. Stimulate the development of your own leadership and also develop it for your teams. We focus on action and results by implementing new strategies and winning habits to rise to your most ambitious challenges.

Our innovative approach allows participants to reveal their talent, enables them to communicate their ambition and fast-track their careers and business.

Leader en action : Fast-track your full potential

Do you dream of realizing what is important to you by saving 5 to 10 hours per week?

Leader en action makes it his guarantee! No more repetitively overworked days, you will regain control of your time until you will devote 2 to 3 months per year to accomplish what matters most to you.

In a changing professional world where productivity requirements are increasingly high, Leader en action supports you and your teams to achieve greater heights. Our coaching programs are proven on more than 250 managers. It will provide you the necessary tools to sustain your growth and success.

Our coaching is lived in action which allows you to integrate your learning into your daily life at work, in order to adopt the behaviors and mental posture of an anchored and authentic leader.

The first essential step is our coaching “Professional productivity and personal efficiency”To become an inspiring leader, you need to manage yourself better before to manage other people “lead by example”. Here are the essential skills you will develop: time and priority management, planning, better communication, effective delegation, team mobilization, decision making and medium and long term vision.

Reach your goals quickly, reduce your stress, control your time and your priorities, this coaching program will save you 5 to 10 hours per week!

We have a trainer approval certificate issued by Emploi-Québec, grants of up to 50%.

Our coaches


Carole Perez
Founder of Leader en action

Professional coach for 14 years and passionate about human relations since always, Carole Perez mentors many leaders, senior executives and entrepreneurs to push them moving into action and exceed their goals faster. She now has over 4,000 hours of coaching to her credit. With her great intuition, her precision, her ability to spot talents and her natural way of getting straight to the point, Carole Perez leads her clients to transform their challenges into successes and to reach their full potential. Her professional commitment is to be a lever for lasting change for her clients, to develop their key skills thanks to a tailor-made approach, marked by pragmatism, humor and humanism. Initially a lawyer in international law, Carole Perez became an advisor for the senior direction of financial institutions. Then, she founded her company and worked for more than 20 years in international business development. With her coaching skills paired with a large experience in the business world, Carole Perez presents a unique profile bringing real added value to professionals wishing to act actively for their success.

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Kathy Amar
Coach Leader en Action

Professional trainer for 20 years, Kathy contributes to the success of people and has influenced committed leaders who want to move forward! Authentic and passionate, Kathy brings unparalleled experience and expertise. Authentic and passionate, Kathy brings unparalleled experience and expertise. Graduated of the University of Montreal in Applied Mathematics and HEC in Marketing and Finance, she held training director positions as well as manager of training programs for major Canadian financial institutions and companies, when she started her career in sales. Her journey has led her to perfect her communication skills, her efficiency and creativity both in the content and in her animation style. Recognized for her dynamism, her team spirit and her passion for sharing her knowledge, Kathy is distinguished by her ability to quickly detect clients’ issues and concerns and then provide them personalized learning solutions and strategies. Her proactive approach, her charisma and her incredible ability among groups make her a sought-after and appreciated facilitator.

“We begin to age when we stop learning.” Japanese proverb


Kathy Amar
Coach Leader en Action

Formatrice professionnelle depuis 20 ans, Kathy contribue au succès des gens et a influencé les leaders engagés qui veulent avancer ! Authentique et passionnée, Kathy apporte une expérience et une expertise hors pair. Diplômée de l’Université de Montréal en Mathématiques appliquées et des HEC en Marketing et Finance, elle a occupé des postes de directrice de formation ainsi que gestionnaire de programmes de formation pour des institutions financières et entreprises canadiennes majeures, alors qu’elle a débuté sa carrière dans la vente. Son parcours l’a amené à parfaire ses compétences en communication, efficacité et créativité autant dans la conception de contenu que dans son style d’animation. Reconnue pour son dynamisme, son esprit d’équipe et sa passion à partager ses connaissances, Kathy se distingue par son habileté à détecter rapidement les enjeux et préoccupations des clients pour ensuite leur apporter des solutions et stratégies d’apprentissage personnalisées. Son approche proactive, son charisme et son incroyable habileté auprès des groupes font d’elle une animatrice recherchée et appréciée.

« On commence à vieillir quand on finit d’apprendre. » Proverbe japonais


Patrick Rothlisberger
Coach Leader en Action

Originally from Switzerland, Patrick has solid management experience through the companies he set up, developed in his country of origin and then sold to immigrate to Quebec 23 years ago. His entrepreneurial streak was always present because he bought several companies there which he personally managed and he employed more than 50 people in the early 2000s. He decided to put his skills at the service of others and embraced the world of finance for ten years as a controller and financial director. Currently General Manager of an engineering company and at the head of his company specializing in condominium management, he constantly improves and he keeps informed about his HR management techniques and practice. He is a founding member of a sectoral fund for the benefit of CHRTR to improve the comfort of patients who are being treated for cancer. For 3 years, he was part of the emergency response teams on the Island of Montreal for Red Cross victims. He has been a Mentor for 4 years of the mentoring cell on the Island of Montreal (Ville Marie) for the foundation of the Entrepreneurship of Quebec. For 3 years, he is intervening to Suicide Action Montreal. He is now serving the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to help them surpass themselves in their business and develop personally.

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Our partners

Olivier ZARA

Consultant and trainer, expert in excellence decision-making and management. Author and blogger, Olivier Zara has published eight books. He certified Carole Perez on several tools to achieve decisional excellence.

Jessica Harnois

Renowned sommelier in Quebec and president of Vins au Féminin. Jessica and Carole Perez have collaborated in order to offer you an original / exclusive training “Know-how and know how to drink in the business environment.”

Karine Kalfon

Karine Kalfon is a professional photographer serving your image. Karine is also the official photographer for Carole Perez.

Laurence Attias

Coach-speaker trainer and founder of All Positive Paris. Carole Perez and Laurence Attias have worked together to develop the training cycle “au féminin” about self-marketing.

Thierry Delperdange

Listening, humor and clarity are the words most often attributed to his approach. Thierry has over 20 years of experience in coaching and training. He is the author of two essays: “Le bonheur des uns fait le bonheur des autres”, “Je suis un flexi-terrestre”.

Our programs

Professional productivity and personal efficiency

Increase productivity and profitability of your organization by an optimal management of yourself and of the others.

Coaching training

Propel your career success and invest in your personal power.

Mobilizing and inspiring leader

Strengthen your competitiveness by becoming a strategic thinker and a researcher of growth with high added value.

Club VIP

Turn your concerns into challenges by integrating a unique support network made up of dynamic entrepreneurs.

Leadership coaching

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