How to stay focused

22 November 2021

Today, you decided to finalize the big file you were supposed to have finished two weeks ago. You’ve decided to finish it within the day, but you’ll have to be efficient! You will have to stay focused for several hours to get it done.
After 2 hours of work, you realize that you only worked efficiently for 15 minutes. The problem? You are unable to stay focused on the same task for more than a few minutes! Many distractions can interrupt your work, your mind wanders and you can’t think straight.
But don’t worry, we all go through these moments, and the good news is that there are simple solutions that will help you develop your brain and stay focused for as many hours as possible.

Turn off your phone: Distractions are the enemy of your concentration and will make it nearly impossible. Give yourself five minutes every 60 minutes to check your email, Facebook, or other social networks you can’t live without. Then avoid those sites for the next few hours of work.

Work in 60-minute blocks: Constantly switching from one task to another wastes time. Working in blocks of time allows you to work uninterrupted on your task, which not only helps you be more focused but also, wastes less time.

Take breaks: Get up during one of your breaks. Look out the window, go for a short walk or walk up and down five flights of stairs to get your heart pumping. These short breaks will help you feel energized before you get back to work.

Set clear goals: With a goal in mind, you’ll have the motivation to finish your work and you’ll find it easier to focus. You will often lose focus because you don’t see the reason for one of the tasks you have to do and would rather do something else.

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