Co-development plus

Transformez vos préoccupations en défis en intégrant un réseau d’entraide unique composé d’entrepreneurs dynamiques.

Co-development plus: secrets of a powerful and pragmatic approach of a professional development

Professional co-development is not a schooling, but it’s educative!

After a professional coaching to acquire skills and maximize your productivity, sharing your experiences with other professionals will allow you to reach a higher level by further transforming your attitudes and ways of doing things and by discovering new ones.

The professional co-development group is a training approach that focuses on the group and on the interactions between the participants to promote the achievement of fundamental objectives: reflection and acceleration for your business.

The professional co-development group, by emphasizing the sharing of experiences, on individual and collective reflection, on structured interactions between experienced professionals, aims to broaden the action and reflection capacities of each member of the group. The desired context is an atmosphere of collaboration, respect, openness, trust, confidentiality, professionalism and mutual aid.



The learning community shares the same goals and uses the same method: careful study of a situation experienced by a participant and sharing of practical knowledges especially and theoretical knowledges if necessary.

Professional co-development consists of forming groups of 8 managers (on average) who will go through a series of 8 half-day meetings, with a facilitator, well versed in the method, over a period of 4 to 8 months. The facilitator will start the group in a process of continuous improvement.


Finer points

Starting from this simple “recipe”, the animation will gain in subtlety and reveal what collective intelligence and the facilitation of change can be by pressing on the problematic points in each of the stories of experiences.


Program added value

  • Start from concrete cases and not from concepts and theories
  • Get everyone involved in a strong and amazing way
  • Deal with real and important problems. The session is immediately useful.
  • Also deal with old problems, or blocked by looking at them differently to find the solution
  • Orient to decision and action
  • Encourage return on results and everyone’s progress thanks to sessions spread over time


Two perspectives of evolution

  • Evolve individually: everyone discovers their models, their reasoning limitations, their ways of progress in listening, in helping relationships, in their ways of looking at situations, in coaching employees.
  • Develop collectively: learning to work cooperatively, developing solidarity and a culture of transversality.



The group gets richer, everyone learns to give and to receive, to interact in harmony

Together, we can initiate profound behavioral changes, create a culture of cooperation and thus move towards more performance. Co-development is lived, practiced, so if the adventure tempts you, Make Things Happen!