VIP Club

Turn your concerns into challenges by joining a unique support network of dynamic entrepreneurs.

VIP Club: secrets of a powerful and pragmatic approach to professional development

Following several requests from our clients, the VIP Club has been set up for all entrepreneurs who have completed one of our coaching programs. After our professional coaching sessions, the VIP Club will be a privileged space for you, offering you a friendly setting to exchange around common issues, share best practices between professionals and expand your network.
Sharing your experiences with other professionals will allow you to reach a higher level by transforming your attitudes and ways of doing things.
The emphasis will be on sharing experiences, individual and collective reflection, and structured interactions between experienced professionals. The desired context is an atmosphere of collaboration, respect, openness, trust, confidentiality, professionalism, and mutual support.


  • To advise and accompany entrepreneurs
  • Provide them with a network capable of helping them develop their business
  • Privilege and promote local initiatives
  • Disseminate practical information

Our meetings are organized around convivial meetings, dinners, evenings, and afterworks on themes related to the profession of manager in a changing world, where we must evolve.

Added-value of the VIP Club:

– Meetings for executives:
The Club offers a privileged place to listen, designed to break the isolation and loneliness that business leaders may experience, by allowing them to network, and by encouraging meetings in an atmosphere of mutual aid and conviviality.

– Exchange of experiences
The Club allows managers to share their concerns with other managers, to benefit from the experience of their peers, to compare their choices and orientations.

– Sharing know-how
The spirit of the Club is sharing: sharing experience, sharing knowledge, sharing know-how.

4 reasons to join the VIP Club :

You are a business executive and you feel isolated? Would you like to meet other entrepreneurs and exchange with them?
Being part of the VIP Club will bring you many important advantages in the life of an entrepreneur.

1) Create a network and develop contacts

When you become an entrepreneur or self-employed, it becomes difficult to have a network of useful contacts to develop your business or benefit from advice.
This is one of the advantages of the VIP Club: you will be able to meet other business leaders and entrepreneurs, which will allow you to increase your network and deepen your professional experiences.

2) Take a step back
Creating a company requires a lot of time and energy, and it is sometimes difficult to manage all this serenely. Discussing with other entrepreneurs, attending meetings to reflect on your project allows you to take the necessary distance. Devoting time to this group allows you to distance yourself from your stressful daily life.

3) Get an external point of view
Contacting members with profiles different from yours and who evolve in other activities, allows you to feed yourself with different enriching points of view.
Exchanging with people who have an outside view of your business will open your mind to other possibilities that you may not have thought of. Don’t be afraid to accept criticism.

4) Learn from others and share your challenges
The life of an entrepreneur is not an easy one, and you will most likely encounter different problems in your life while running your business.
Even if they evolve in different sectors, many entrepreneurs may have encountered the same problems as you and have implemented various solutions to solve them. Do not hesitate to exchange with them to benefit from their experiences and to ask for their advice and their good plans.

Our meetings are made up of groups of 10 managers who will experience a series of 8 meetings with Carole Perez over a period of 10 months. We will make sure to launch the group in a dynamic of continuous progress.

To register, contact Carole Perez:

[email protected]