Karina Brasseur

The Leader in Action coaching with Carole Perez has given me a lot of pleasure and structure in my work. It gave me the tools to do an exceptional job and to really go outside my comfort zone, but all this with a lot of fun, smiles, and laughter. The skills that I improved during these 6 months, was really to understand what my strengths are, I also improved my knowledge in communication to structure meetings with my work team and better get my messages across and obviously become 150% more efficient. I’m as satisfied as can be. For me, we started from point A, we arrived at point Z, with pleasure, with a smile, so I am extremely happy with the 6 months I spent with Carole and all my teammates. I could refer this coaching to all those who want to go further, to get out of their comfort zone, and to have fun in what they do day after day, I recommend it to you 100%!