Philippe Régnoux

I decided to write a small testimonial to thank Carole Perez who accompanied us, the entire Gala Media team, for several weeks in a rather special moment: exciting growth

and very perilous because of the challenges of recruitment, organization, restructuring of operating methods, and especially in the middle of an epidemic with the constraints that everyone knows. On a personal level, what Carole gave me was the ability to step back. This is often the main difficulty for us entrepreneurs. We have our noses to the grindstone, caught up in 40,000 things, we have issues and demands from everywhere and we lack the precious time to take a step back. Thanks to her, this has been the biggest driver of change in the last few weeks. What I’ve also been working on is the ability to “focus” on high-performance tasks. Very often, we get caught up in a lot of little things all day long that accumulate, and finally, we don’t take the time needed to do what is essential for a business: thinking, strategy, business development, follow-ups with partners, etc. I can only recommend Carole to all business leaders who are growing, even if you are starting up and have great potential, go ahead, because truly, especially in a period of uncertainty like the one we are experiencing today, she allows you to take a step back which is, I think, vital to businesses and organizations. Thank you, Carole, and congratulations to all those who will benefit from this service!