Tip for staying calm before going on vacation

27 July 2023

The holidays are approaching quickly, and it’s time to wrap up some tasks before leaving with peace of mind. We’ve all been in that situation where we don’t know where to start, and time seems to be slipping away. No one wants to go on vacation with work on their mind all day.

Here’s a practical tip to quickly prioritize your tasks: simply ask yourself, “If I could solve just one problem or accomplish one last thing before going on vacation, what would it be?” Imagine that you have to catch a flight tonight, and every minute counts.

It’s time to sort through and determine what truly matters above all else. I like to call this the “vacation departure” technique, but it also works outside of vacations. This approach helps you clarify things and identify the absolutely essential task to complete before leaving. Once you’ve found this task, prioritize it at the top of your list. Then, determine the first action to take to start this task and finish it as quickly as possible!

And if you think there are still important things to wrap up after that, ask yourself the previous question again, excluding your first choice.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to accomplish everything every time, but what’s certain is that as soon as you actually take care of the most important thing or things, you’ll already feel better. It will also allow you to enjoy your vacation better!

So, sort things out, act with determination, and go on vacation with peace of mind. You deserve it!