Deep Work, the secret to boosting productivity.

10 March 2022

Deep Work is the superpower to adopt in this new year!  

It seems a bit difficult at first, especially in a working world like today’s; hyper-connected and full of interruptions. It has become more and more complicated for us to stay truly focused on our important tasks. Yet, the most important thing to be efficient and productive and move faster towards our goals is to boost our focus.

Nowadays, the simple fact of remaining seated, focused on a task, without being distracted for even 1 hour has become a real challenge. So to guide you through this challenge in 2022, I offer a few simple methods to boost your effectiveness.

  • Plan: 

The first thing to do is to plan your days and note all the time slots where you intend to enter deep work mode with the different tasks to do. This will allow you to make your schedule more flexible and reach your goals faster.

  • Ritualize: 

Now that your deep work blocks are planned, it’s time to make them a habit. The idea is to make it an easy-to-follow routine to help you get into the flow of work.

  • Make your environment conducive to concentration:

To get into deep work, you need to banish all sources of distraction from your environment, whether it’s your phone or your social networks. Don’t allow any interruptions, at least during your deep work blocks.

  • Monotasking:

Staying completely focused on a single task will help you get into a natural efficiency-boosting flow much more easily.