How to disconnect from work at night?

16 December 2021

How can we fully enjoy our free time away from work without thinking too much about it❓
Sometimes when we get home from the office in the evening, it is hard for us to completely disconnect from work, resulting in a feeling of endless mental load 🤯. When we get home, we want to unplug, decompress and fully enjoy our evening away from work. But sometimes we can’t help but think about the next day at the office, our schedule, emails, or meetings. So you understand that it is impossible to rest and recharge while our brain is still working.
🆘 Your work-life balance is put at stake, and this will subsequently affect your respective environments, whether with your loved ones or collaborators; or your productivity or mental health.
➡ So, to be less and less absorbed by your thoughts when you are supposed to relax, watch this little video or I suggest you 4 tips to avoid that work taking over your personal life.
Each of us has his own routine to disconnect from work. Among these 4 tips, test what speaks to you the most, and discover what works for you.