Overcome procrastination.

3 March 2022

I procrastinate, you procrastinate, we procrastinate…

We all find ourselves trapped by this phenomenon.

What’s the problem? Starting the task.

Because once we start, we often have no trouble continuing.

Starting the task.

This is where the resistance is the greatest.

Where our brain makes this very simple deduction:

Effort (working) versus immediate pleasure (doing what we like and is easy).

To solve this, there is a very simple trick.

It is to say to yourself:

I’ll just “X”.

– I’ll just open my book and read the first few lines.
– I’ll just take a pen and paper and write down this idea
– I’m just going to contact John to find out his availability.

Put your attention only on this micro action.

It’s just for 30 seconds. It’s easy. It’s almost automatic.

You’ll see how effective this trick is.