Productivity killers

14 January 2022

Many distractions within the office can be detrimental to our productivity, sometimes even elements of our personal lives can interfere with this interruption.

Focusing is a daily and endless battle that takes up our time, so why waste any more of it?

Here are some productivity killers we should watch out for:

Social media 📱 Is it a work tool, a distraction, or a mix of both? Regardless of the impact of social networks in the workplace, they can damage your work time in alarming ways if you don’t set boundaries for yourself.

Being a perfectionist 💯 Most of the time, striving for perfection can yield more drawbacks than benefits. By wanting to have a perfect job, we waste time that we could have used for other tasks; while our work is done properly, and doesn’t need to be better.

Lack of sleep 💤 Disconnecting from work in the evening when you leave the office is the key to a productive and energetic next day at work. A lack of energy and sleep will impact your daily efficiency, and throughout the week ahead.

Over-analyzing 🔎 Over-analyzing joins the point of perfectionism, you are wasting your time on unnecessary work.

Sitting around all day 🪑 Sitting around makes you get tired faster than you feel. Get up every 1.5 hours of work, walk down or up the stairs to revive your energy and consequently, your focus.

Don’t leave your comfort zone ❌Leave your comfort zone. Going beyond your habits will lead you to a path full of opportunities and unexpected events; which will bring you closer to your goals and therefore your success.

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