Raphaël Jolicoeur |

I think coaching is a way to always be one or more steps ahead. It allows you to see things coming at you and to be ready. The skills that have improved for me are being more organized and knowing how to manage priorities. Coaching allowed me to review my priority hierarchy and then really focus on the high-value things. Time is the common thing that every human being has on this planet Earth, you have to know how to manage it well! If you manage your time well, the rest will follow. Every task you do must be of great added value, you must ask yourself why you did it. Finally, you review the priority and the way you approach your time on a daily basis. I think it goes without saying that I am extremely satisfied with Carole’s coaching. I think she is an amazing person who knew how to find the small points of improvement that I had. I’m quite young and I don’t know everything yet and I think that having someone at your side who is able to help you see things differently is very beneficial. It’s a great experience, not only in my personal life but also in my professional career. I recommend it to people who are really determined to do a coaching program because it’s an activity that can be challenging at times: taking the time to do some introspection, rewrite one’s goals week after week, etc. It’s to these people that I would recommend it. It is to these people that I would recommend the experience, otherwise, it would be a waste of time. So to all the people who are determined to move towards a better future, to develop their career, their professional path, it is to you that I recommend the program.