Fabienne Cabado |

This coaching has brought me a lot of things. It opened my eyes to certain management realities. I learned things about planning, time management, human resources management, and improving the quality of communications. It was extremely rich in fact, both from the point of view of the organization of my work and the management of relationships with my colleagues, and it also led me to reconsider my role, my posture as a manager, in order to lighten my mental load, my workload, but also to improve my quality of life in my day-to-day relationships with my team. The skill that I have improved the most is definitely a time and priority management and efficiency for myself, but also for the organization in general. I have also improved my communication skills. I thought I was a good communicator, but as Carole says “talking is not communicating”, so I gained skills in how to communicate and manage relationships. It is a coaching that is difficult, demanding, but Carole does not give us recipes, she shows us a path to follow which is beautiful, hard, but for me necessary. It allows me to reach the end and to contemplate the panorama that opens up for me, it is extremely positive. I am delighted to have followed this coaching. Carole is an excellent coach in the sense that she is able to keep a great distance and a cool head. She knows how to guide us to the awareness and learning we need. I would refer this coaching program to anyone. No matter what we have learned, there is always room for improvement, especially because the environment is constantly changing around us and it is always good to question our practices, review them and improve them.