Manage your emails better 📧

14 December 2021

Managing your work email inbox is a daunting challenge. We receive a large number of emails a day, and without realizing it, we waste the majority of our time checking our emails all day long. It can quickly become a very time-consuming distraction, with hundreds of messages piling up in our inboxes, so we end up losing control.
To make it real, and give you an idea of how challenging it is, I’ll leave you with some statistics 📊:
👉On average, 28% of our time per week is spent reading, answering, and sending emails
👉We check our inbox about 15 times a day
👉We spend between 2 to 4 hours a day managing our emails
👉Sometimes, we end up managing the same message more than 6 times
👉Finally, it takes between 2 to 8 minutes to process each email we receive.
With this video, I offer you the practices to follow to not get overwhelmed with your email :