Ana Valean

Corporate Housing Account Manager, Corporate Stays

It was an amazing experience, I’ve learned so much in these 6 months. I was forced to go outside my comfort zone pretty much every single time we met. I had several issues that I didn’t even know that I had. (more…)

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James McMahon

Financial planner - Planif-Globale Inc

After participating in three coaching sessions with Ms. Carole Perez, I strongly recommend that you contact her. If you are serious about being an entrepreneur, Ms. Perez will help you achieve your growth challenges and personal development. A great adrenaline rush that will take you to the next level. Good luck! 

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Karina Brasseur

Entrepreneur, Coupe sculpture

The Leader in Action coaching with Carole Perez has given me a lot of pleasure and structure in my work. It gave me the tools to do an exceptional job and to really go outside my comfort zone, but all this with a lot of fun, smiles, and laughter. (more…)

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Valérie Hardouin

Talent recruiter - Temporis Montréal

When I started the coaching program with Carole, I had no time for anything but business, but even so, I was overwhelmed. Time is a small 5 letter word, but it is precious and very rare for many entrepreneurs.    (more…)

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Alexandre Sagala

President and founder | Pertinence Média

The Leader in Action experience has been very beneficial to me. The program has challenged and sharpened certain aspects of my leadership style and improved my productivity and focus. The advice is practical, applicable, and concrete. I recommend the Leader in Action coaching program to everyone. 

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Philippe Régnoux

CEO & Producer of Gala Média

I decided to write a small testimonial to thank Carole Perez who accompanied us, the entire Gala Media team, for several weeks in a rather special moment: exciting growth (more…)

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Pierre Gince

President Direction Strategic Communications

Carole Perez exudes empathy: from the first contact, I felt like trusting her. She is a woman of her word and above all, a good listener. Carole is a great advocate for her clients! (more…)

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Serge Mongeau

Studio Art Director at HIBERNUM Créations

Carole arrived at a crucial moment in my professional development. In just a few hours, she was able to isolate a few avenues of development that significantly boosted my abilities. (more…)

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Jessica Harnois

Sommelier-Animateur, President of Vins au Féminin & Savori

Carole Perez is a woman of action who knows how to get us out of our daily lives, take a step back, and better target where to work next. Intelligent and sharp, she has a professional background that makes anyone feel confident. (more…)

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Andrew Harroch

Marketing Director, Margaret M

Carole’s coaching has helped me a lot in my professional and personal life. She has allowed me to develop my management, analysis, and performance skills. Carole is very good at giving advice and her approach is always sharp and adapted to the situation. Thank you, Carole!

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Laurence Levy

District Vice President, Montreal & East at Scotiabank

By focusing on the following elements: self-reflection, priority, motivation, communication, and results, Carole encourages us to step out of our comfort zone to determine the best way to work not only from a personal point of view (more…)

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Sébastien Lefebvre

Company director at CLS INFO

Available, Experienced, Professional, Emphatic, Friendly

I met Carole for 2 years on a regular basis. From our first meeting, she knew how to put me at ease. (more…)

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Mathieu Foran

Human Resources Advisor

New professional challenges require coaching and leadership development. Carole has been a key person in my professional development. She helped me tap into the skills I had within me but was not using. (more…)

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Charles Milliard

Executive Vice-president - UNIPRIX

Five key words that characterize Carole Perez’s work:

Ignited, Motivating, Balance between managerial and psycho-social knowledge, Frank and Imaged. (more…)

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Karolanne Cléroux

Director of Business Development

This coaching is an enriching experience on both a personal and professional level. Carole Perez’s program invited me to review my way of working in order to be more efficient than ever. Several tools are offered throughout the coaching to support us in our daily work. (more…)

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Michel Perez

President of MPI Impressions

This coaching has brought me a lot of things, the improvement of my strategic performance, my time management, my efficiency and in particular my self-confidence (that is indisputable), the relationship with others, (more…)

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Marc Grangeasse

Logistics manager, Groupe ABP

It’s really a very rewarding experience. I consider myself to be at the beginning of my career and it gave me a lot of experience in planning and organizing my work. Carole knew, sometimes with difficulty, how to get her messages across. (more…)

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Vi Huynh

Account manager, Targe

In our daily work, we often reuse the same work methods and techniques that we are used to, but which are not necessarily efficient. Coaching allowed me to review and question certain aspects of my work, both in terms of communication and delegation of work. (more…)

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Patrick Rothlisberger

General director Technomotion

As a manager, over the years, we develop bad habits and we review all these aspects, such as time management, interruptions, communication, and it reframes us and transforms us. It reprograms us in our management skills (more…)

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Claude Cyr

President of Technomotion

The achievements following this training are very concrete: time saved, the organization of work has been greatly optimized. Today, we can say that we are more efficient, planning is better, we optimize task priorities a lot now, (more…)

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Étienne Adam

Co-founder and president of Alcane

This coaching with Carole Perez has given me better time management. Also, a greater rigor in my day-to-day work, in my planning, and in every day of the week. I also have a lot more confidence in my way to reach certain goals in my career. (more…)

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Fabienne Cabado

General Director at RQD

This coaching has brought me a lot of things. It opened my eyes to certain management realities. I learned things about planning, time management, human resources management, and improving the quality of communications. (more…)

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Raphaël Jolicoeur

Président at VIÜ MEDIA inc.

I think coaching is a way to always be one or more steps ahead. It allows you to see things coming at you and to be ready. The skills that have improved for me are being more organized and knowing how to manage priorities. (more…)

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Mélissa Pietracupa

General and artistic Director at Diffusion le vrai monde

This coaching allowed me to put myself back in the center of my professional life first, but also personally. I have improved many management skills, both in human resources and in planning my time, and therefore in strategic planning as well. (more…)

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Christine Meslin

CPA CMA , Administrative Officer at FTA I Festival TransAmériques

This coaching has given me direction in my constant questioning. I am someone who often questions myself, who tries to change my methods and then to improve and Carole helped me to direct my questioning. (more…)

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Hélène Macquart

Digital Strategist - Pertinence Media

It allowed me to know myself better and to meet some great people. The satisfaction rate of my coaching and my coach is super high, I would say 9/10 because I am never satisfied, but I am very happy to have followed this training (more…)

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Coralie Muroni

Director of communications at RQD

One of the skills I have improved is delegation. Not only did I learn to be clearer, more precise in the tasks and projects I assigned, but I also learned to better communicate my needs, to ask the right questions (more…)

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Virginie Desloges

Director of Finance and Administration of RDQ

I have a better organization of my work, of my tasks, better planning too. I would refer this program to anyone who wants to deepen their professional, personal, and self-awareness skills.

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Anne Riby

Director, strategic partnerships and communications for JA Québec

Carole’s coaching is of great quality, the content is very relevant, interesting, and well organized, all of this is led by an inspiring, dynamic, and motivating woman who pushes us to take action and to surpass ourselves. (more…)

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Pierre Lépine

President of Groupe ABP

You all know the saying that time is money. When I learned during the coaching that only 3% of managers take the time to plan their time, it made me realize that by improving our daily, weekly, and monthly planning, (more…)

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Jonathan Chodjaï

Vice president of CScience IA & Gala Média

It was a very rewarding experience. First of all, it is time taken for oneself to improve one’s leadership and business strategy. It is very valuable to be able to do this with a professional as seasoned as Carole Perez, (more…)

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Éric Roberge

Mutual fund dealer representative at Excel Gestion Privée

The “Self Marketing” training received by Carole Perez allowed me to put my reason for being at the heart of the message I want to send to my clients. Beyond the way I do things, the why (WHY) I accompany my clients towards their financial independence is so much more important. Thank you, Carole!  

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Guylaine DeBlois

Lawyer, commercial and real estate law, at LJT Avocats Lawyers

Carole Perez is a dynamic woman who directed me to action. The coaching she offered me will allow me to reach another level, both in my professional and personal life. Carole led me to rethink my priorities and to better invest my time, (more…)

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